Exploring the Advantages of Selling Commercial Real Estate at Auction

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Written by: Ashley Dillard, CCIM | CRER Senior Director | Auction Specialist

Exploring the Advantages of Selling Commercial Real Estate at Auction

Selling a commercial property is a significant decision for any owner, and exploring the available methods is crucial to ensure a successful transaction.


Among the various options, selling at auction has gained popularity as an effective and advantageous approach.

In this article, we will delve into the benefits of selling at auction in the commercial real estate market. By understanding the advantages, sellers can make informed decisions and capitalize on the unique opportunities that auctions offer.


Accelerated Sales Timeline: One of the primary benefits of selling at auction is the accelerated sales timeline. Unlike traditional sales methods that can be time-consuming, auctions establish a specific date for the sale. This creates a sense of urgency among potential buyers, leading to faster transactions. By compressing the sales process, auctions allow sellers to achieve a prompt sale and quickly convert their property into liquid assets.

Competitive Bidding Environment: Auctions provide a competitive bidding environment that can generate higher prices for commercial properties. The open and transparent nature of auctions encourages multiple buyers to engage in a bidding war, driving up the final sale price. The competitive atmosphere ensures that the property is sold at fair market value, giving sellers confidence that they have maximized the return on their investment.

Increased Market Exposure: Selling a property at auction provides an unparalleled level of market exposure. Auctions attract a wide range of potential buyers, including investors, developers, and end-users. This exposure is amplified by comprehensive marketing and advertising campaigns conducted by auctioneers or brokerages. The extensive reach of these campaigns ensures that the property reaches a broad audience, maximizing the chances of finding the right buyer who values the property’s unique attributes.

Transparency and Fairness: Auctions are known for their transparency and fairness. The open bidding process allows all interested parties to participate equally and compete on an even playing field. This transparency fosters trust among buyers, as they can witness the bidding in real-time. Sellers also benefit from the transparency of the auction process, knowing that their property is being sold through a fair and unbiased method.

Control over Terms and Conditions: Selling at auction provides sellers with a level of control over the terms and conditions of the sale. Sellers can set the reserve price, which is the minimum acceptable bid, ensuring that the property is not sold below a predetermined value. Additionally, auctions allow sellers to set specific terms and conditions, such as the deposit amount, closing timeline, and other contractual obligations. This control provides sellers with flexibility and the ability to tailor the sale to their specific requirements.


Selling a commercial property at auction offers a range of benefits that can enhance the selling experience and maximize the value of the property. From an accelerated sales timeline and a competitive bidding environment to increased market exposure, transparency, and control over terms and conditions, auctions provide unique advantages for sellers. By understanding and harnessing these benefits, sellers can navigate the auction process with confidence and achieve favorable outcomes. To explore the benefits of selling at auction further, consult with a reputable commercial real estate auction specialist, such as CRER, who can provide expert guidance and support throughout the auction journey.

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