Maximizing Profits with Commercial Real Estate Auctions

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Written by: Ashley Dillard, CCIM | CRER Senior Director | Auction Specialist

Maximizing Profits with Commercial Real Estate Auctions

In the ever-changing landscape of commercial real estate, asset managers and bankers often find themselves at the crossroads of decision-making.


One path leads to traditional sales, while the other opens up the world of real estate auctions. The latter, though seemingly unconventional, can often lead to maximized profits and efficiency, particularly when you engage with a seasoned expert in the field, such as Chicago Real Estate Resources, Inc. (CRER).


Why Auctions?

As an asset manager or banker, you might be wondering: why auctions? The answer lies in the unique advantages of CRE auctions that can help you maximize your profits:

  • Transparency: Auctions offer a transparent sales process, where all bids are visible. This openness can drive up the price as bidders compete against each other.
  • Efficiency: Auctions can speed up the sales process, reducing the holding costs associated with an extended sales period.
  • Reach: Online auctions, in particular, can reach a global audience, increasing the pool of potential buyers.
  • Market Value: Auctions ensure that properties are sold at market value, as the competitive bidding process reflects the true demand for the property.
  • Certainty of Sale: With auctions, the highest bid wins, ensuring that the property will be sold if it meets the reserve price.


In conclusion.

While traditional sales methods certainly have their place, auctions can provide a dynamic and profitable alternative. Engaging a firm like CRER, with our breadth of experience and commitment to client service, can make the process of venturing into commercial real estate auctions less daunting and more rewarding.

Stay tuned for our next article where we delve into specific strategies for preparing your property for auction and attracting the right bidders. Until then, remember: when it comes to maximizing your profits in commercial real estate, consider auctions, and consider CRER.

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