When Does an Auction Make Sense? Exploring the Benefits of Commercial Real Estate Auctions

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Written by: Ashley Dillard, CCIM | CRER Senior Director | Auction Specialist

When Does an Auction Make Sense? Exploring the Benefits of Commercial Real Estate Auctions

Commercial real estate auctions have emerged as a popular method for buying and selling properties, offering a unique and efficient alternative to traditional sales processes.


However, it’s crucial to determine when an auction is the right choice for your commercial property.

In this article, we will delve into the key scenarios where commercial real estate auctions make sense, and highlighting the benefits they offer to both sellers and buyers.


Time-Sensitivity: One of the primary situations where an auction is advantageous is when time is of the essence. Sellers who need to sell their commercial property quickly, whether due to financial constraints, market fluctuations, or personal circumstances, can benefit from the accelerated nature of auctions. By setting a specific auction date and creating a sense of urgency among potential buyers, auctions expedite the sales process, ensuring a prompt transaction.

Unique or Specialized Properties: Commercial properties that possess unique features, attributes, or a niche market appeal are often well-suited for auctions. These properties may have a limited pool of potential buyers, making it challenging to determine an accurate market value through traditional methods. Auctions attract a diverse range of interested parties, fostering competitive bidding and helping to uncover the true market value of these distinctive properties.

Market Volatility: In uncertain economic climates or volatile real estate markets, auctions provide stability and transparency for both buyers and sellers. The competitive bidding environment of an auction ensures that the property achieves fair market value, eliminating concerns about undervaluing or overpricing. Sellers can have confidence in achieving the highest possible price, while buyers can be assured that they are paying a price reflective of current market conditions.

Distressed Properties: When dealing with distressed commercial properties, such as foreclosures or properties in bankruptcy, auctions offer an efficient and transparent method of liquidation. These properties often require expedited sales to mitigate financial losses or meet legal requirements. Auctions attract a wide range of buyers, including investors seeking distressed assets, facilitating a swift transaction and providing a fair opportunity to acquire these properties at competitive prices.

Divestment and Portfolio Optimization: For property owners looking to divest a portion of their portfolio or optimize their real estate holdings, auctions offer an efficient avenue. Auctions provide a platform to showcase multiple properties simultaneously, attracting a broader range of potential buyers. This process allows sellers to liquidate assets efficiently, streamline their portfolio, and redeploy capital into more strategic investments.


Commercial real estate auctions present a compelling option for both sellers and buyers in specific circumstances. Whether you are a seller seeking a prompt transaction, possess a unique property, or are dealing with market volatility or distressed assets, auctions offer distinct advantages.

Additionally, for portfolio optimization or divestment purposes, auctions facilitate efficient sales processes and attract a larger pool of interested buyers.

When you find yourself in a situation where a commercial real estate auction makes sense, it’s crucial to have the support and expertise of a specialized brokerage like CRER. Our team at CRER has extensive experience representing clients at commercial real estate auctions, and we understand the intricacies involved in these transactions.

By partnering with us, you can benefit from our in-depth knowledge, strategic guidance, and personalized representation throughout the auction process. Contact CRER today to leverage our expertise and ensure a successful auction experience, securing the best possible outcome for your commercial property.

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